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Midia Design's new project: Age of Conan

Jun. 12, 2008

Midia Design has announced the launch of its new website: Conan: Hyborian Adventures to support the latest Eidos Age of Conan game. Midia Design is currently building the new website that will feature system requirements and where to buy them in order to play Age of Conan, a blog with walkthroughs and character builds, characters for sale, and articles about the game.

Preview Conan Hyborian Adventures

Mar. 16, 2004

Nalfien has just announced we have a working Narbondel in the tileset! Screens will come shortly, keep tuned.


Mar. 13, 2004

Menzoberranzan.net team met on the night of the 13th to discuss server content. You can read it all here.


Mar. 13, 2004

Lodrezzon's Tileset version 8 is finished. It is by far the BEST tileset ever created for the Underdark and you will be shocked at how good it looks. Screens, as always, here.


Mar. 06, 2004

Menzoberranzan.net Open House showcased the foundations of Menzoberranzan using the old Underdark tileset to prospective players and the drow community. Stay tuned for a second Open House that will showcase the new tileset and the finished streets of Menzoberranzan.

Feb. 26, 2004

Famous NWN tileset editor Lodrezzon has joined forces with Menzoberranzan.net development team to create the best Underdark tileset ever conceived by a community. Screenshots of his work can be found in the screenshots section.


Feb. 24, 2004

Menzoberranzan's foundations are done. All the groundwork has been put together and linked properly. The exterior of the city spans through 25 areas of different sizes. Go to server status for more details and a map of each district and it's sub areas.


Feb. 19, 2004 

Menzoberranzan team started working on Qu'ellarz'orl areas. The ground level is set, and the area designers are puttign together the rough skeleton of that district, while Faceless One and Rizogue finish off Narbondellyn and beyond.


Feb. 16, 2004 

Work on Menzoberranzan's second district, Narbondellyn, is under way. Take a look at the district's map put together by Faceless One here.


Feb. 06, 2004  

Project Menzoberranzan's second meeting. Read it all in the chat logs.


Feb. 02, 2004 

Mithral Hall module is archived due to deadline issues. The team worked out more than half the module but had to put MH behind in order to catch up with the Pertinent World's set deadlines. Mithral Hall will still be released after the PW design is finished and released for beta-testing. Dates for releasing the hak-n-slash module is still unknown.


Jan. 26, 2004

Yes! We have Mushrooms! More screens.




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