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Project Menzoberranzan Meeting logs

Meeting Logs are in txt format. Project Menzoberranzan will have a meeting where project members will discuss various topics pertinent to the construction of the City of the Spider Queen. If you want to discuver more about who's behind the scenes and the overall coordination of the project, feel free to download the meeting logs and read them.

There is currently 0 meetings scheduled as of

Mar. 2004 part 1 | part 2::. Content Meeting scheduled for March 13, 2004 -- 11 pm EST. Actually it span over two days, since we ended it at 2 am of the next, so read the two links and get all the details on our server rules and content.

Feb. 2004::. In this meeting, the Project Manager, Faceless One, has officially started the building of Menzoberranzan's first district -- Qu'ellarz'orl. Topics varry among the archiving of the Mithral Hall module and the discussion of area designing andthe beginning of the PW construction.

Dec. 2003::. In this meeting, the project Menzoberranzan was officially organized, under the supervision of Thiago Garcia aka Faceless One, and overall administration of Tony Troskoski aka Rizogue. Other project members included Nalfien, Janus, Haevlyn, and Eben.


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