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Project Menzoberranzan's Team Members


Name: Tony Troskoski
Persona: Rizogue
Project Position: Project Administrator
Contact info: rizogue@menzoberranzan.net

Bio: I am the Administrator of the team and I run and maintain the Menzoberranzan Web and Game Servers. I live in South Carolina, USA. I started this project as a server for the A Land Far Away team, but seperated as an independant project. I have helped with some of the custom content and area design, and manage the project with Thiago (The Faceless One), our project manager.


Name: Thiago Garcia
Persona: Faceless One
Project Position: Project Manager
Contact info: info@midiadesign.com

Bio: Soon to come…


Name: Jonathon Fitch
Persona: Janus
Project Position: Scripting Team Leader & C.C. Team Member
Contact info: paladinofnw@yahoo.com

Bio: I started out as the world designer and creator of a PW project called Eternal Dawn. After over 2 years of development I decided to give that up because I had virtually no support for my project and no help, so I branched out and looked for something new. It just so happened that there was a post at NWVault for a custom content specialist for Menzoberranzan. As it turned out they really wanted a full time team member and I was interested, since Drow is my second favorite FR story, so here I am. I've also taken the reigns of scripting since the loss of Haevlyn, but that's ok, I can do both equally as good.


Name: Michael McDaniel
Persona: Nalfien
Project Position: C.C. Team Leader
Contact info: demonathedrow@yahoo.com
MSN: mcdanielmichael9@hotmail.com

Bio: I heard about Neverwinter Nights after being torn away from my old crack addiction EverQuest. In EQ my favorite race was dark elves, and my buddies told me that EQ dark elves are crap compared to the drow. That got me to read the DE trilogy, therefore changing my life forever. I was a D&D fan and when I was told that NWN was going to be like pen and paper D&D I just had to check it out. So, NWN was still like a year and a half or more from release date but I found ALFA, just like Rizogue did. I hung around ALFA with high hopes of recreating the Forgotten Realms so I could play in their Menzoberranzan server. Rizogue eventually left ALFA and branced out to do Menzo himself. I followed. Menzo was the only reason I wanted to play in ALFA in the first place.

When Rizogue put up the original message board, I began my first bit of character creation and creative writing as a persona known well here as Demona Vandree. Many a good adventure was had at those boards and it helped me find out how much I enjoyed writing. I still do it today in fact, you just don't see it. I wanted to contribute to the project, because I couldn't very well play in it if it didn't exist. I created some custom content and have always tried to present my vision of what I think Menzo should be. I just started with CC because thats the area that needed the biggest help. Menzoberranzan is a beautiful and unique city, and this game will alow us to make it as such if we just have the will power, vision, and the right tools (and a crap load of time.)


Name: Josh Nebe
Persona: Eben
Project Position: C.C. Team Member
Contact info: Ruggy@comcast.net
MSN: Mmmmm_Pie@hotmail.com
AIM: The Noobert

Bio: Well, I started working with Jasc Paintshop Pro when I was about 11 or 12, I did that for a little while, and then found Adobe Photoshop (used it ever since) I didnt get heavaly into Photoshop untill I was about 14 and then I went nuts. I started working on Web graphics, and doing posters and what not for school, after a while I began trying to market my stuff and made a few bucks. I joined the Menzoberranzan origonaly as the Item Team ADM, but then Rizogue found out my artistic ways and moved me to Graphic designer.


Name: Sean Chickosky
Persona: Ustalth
Project Position: C.C. Team Member
Contact Info: Ustalth@menzoberranzan.net

Bio: Still, technically, in school, I have always been into all things computers, although it recent years it has narrowed down to mostly programming in C/C++ and 3D modeling, with Gmax. As such, I have been changed to a different position, from which I can do more with what time I still have.

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